Blog on Nerdy Natalie 2016 Aspirations

So with the festive season brings the end of the year and new years resolutions, I’ve made some personal new years resolutions already and decided to make some for my blog too 🙂

1) Continue my Totally Thrifted posts, I really loved this challenge and feel it got a good response, it was really interesting to see the outfits I could piece together with items I thrifted 🙂
2)Only buy second hand, this is a big one, now whilst I rarely buy from fast fashion stores I do rely on primark for accessories Boohoo for their sale items and new look for their heels so this will be quite difficult to start! I’m going to originally set this for 6 months then see how well I’ve done and perhaps continue for the whole year 🙂 I will buy solely from charity shops and maybe eBay as I’ve found some great second hand items on there 🙂
3) Try the pin it spin it challenge, if your a regular reader you’ll know I have a slight obsession with Pinterest my mood board board currently has 437 pins on it of outfit ideas that I haven’t done anything with! So that’s more than enough to create an outfit everyday from the pin I’ve saved one for each day 🙂

So that’s what I’m hoping to bring to the blog in the new year I’m hoping you guys stay with me and if you have any ideas of things you’d like to see then please feel free to comment them below 🙂 also if there are any challenges your taking part in you think I might like to do too let me know 🙂 xx


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