Charity shopping with mumma

Yesterday whilst the men in my life watched football me and my mum went shopping šŸ™‚ as we only had a few hours before the shops closed we prioritised and this meant the charity shops!!! I have to say I’ve grabbed some right bargains šŸ™‚ x


From L-R top row white shirt 10p (that’s right 10p!!) Cancer research shop its a man’s size S from primark, floaty butterfly top another 10p bargain from cancer research label says Avon, flamingo top Ā£2 primark,socks Ā£1.50 primark. Bottom row floral top Ā£2.99 from age UK I wanted this top when it was in the new look stores but they always sold out in my size :(, snakeskin top when I first saw this I thought oh no that’s hideous but the more I looked at it the more I fell in love!! This top was Ā£2.99 from age UK,penguin playsuit my FAVOURITE item that my mum found for me!! Ā£2.99 from age UK its a primark item šŸ™‚ and two necklaces the triangle double strand necklace is Ā£1 primark brown tigers eye necklace Ā£1 cancer research x
Here’s how I’d style the items……


Jeans eBay originally River Island, Shoes New Look


Jeans Next, Sandals eBay


Skirt Charity Shop, Sandals ebay


Dungaree shorts everything5. Com, Trainers Adidas, Socks


Shorts Charity shop, Hat F&F


Hat F&F, Socks Primark, Sandals


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