Small Primark Haul ðŸ’¸

So today I went to town with the intention of visiting primark solely to buy a new pair of black jeggings/jeans of course it was rude not to have a peruse round the rest of the shop too….turns out they didn’t have any black jeans/jeggings in my size and I left the shop with a top a dress and some necklaces instead!!! I’ve also added my other necklace & shirt that I brought in my payday online splurge! X

Primark items


Those of you who regularly read my blog will know I’m a massive Harry Potter Geek so when I saw this T-shirt in the sale I HAD to buy it! £3


I loved the print&colour of this dress its such a versatile style I’ve dressed it up as I’m going to a wedding next weekend but it could also be styled down with some sandals and a tote bag was £13 reduced to £5 x


These pastel coloured chokers were £1.50 what a bargain!! I don’t know which one to wear first!! X


This was in the sale £1 it has 5 interchangeable charms and I actually like all 5 🙂 yay can’t wait to wear this x


For a massive Arthurian legend fan this necklace is love!!! A triscillion druid symbol 🙂 £1.50 eBay


Lastly I got this Ben Sherman shirt from eBay for £2.20!!!! Bargain its a tad oversized but I will be wearing it tucked in so I don’t really mind x

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