Fashionista Award x


So the absolutely adorable fashionably kate nominated my blog for this award 🙂 please go and check out her blog Thank you so much for nominating my blog 🙂 x

Here’s my answers to the questions hopefully gives you guys a little !more insight to the girl behind the blog ❤

1)What motivated you to start blogging?
So I have always loved fashion and I honestly started this blog as a little therapy, it gave me an outlet something to focus on and its gone from there 🙂 I love logging onto WordPress and seeing everyone I follow all your great ideas give me inspiration. X
2)Favourite Movies?
Oooo tough one!! I love the Harry Potter movies the hobbit & lotr movies what if true romance and guardians of the galaxy
3)What is your dream career?
Oooo I’ve got two first I’d love to be an actress its still the dream!! Orrr a costume/set designer on movies&t.v
4)Top wish list items at the moment
I have two items I’m lusting after I would like a new pair of Dr martens  because mine are breaking 😦 second is a purple pair of kickers
5)Favourite television shows?
Game of thrones izombie robin hood merlin flight of the conchords gossip girl satc skins downtown abbey and misfits I realise most of those have finished but I love rewatching TV shows
6)What store do you find yourself shopping in the most?
If I’m honest I’m more of a eBay&charity shop girl that’s where 80% of my wardrobe is from 5% i borrowed from my mum and hubby and the other 15% is from primark I love primark!
7)Favourite fashion designers?
There is for me only one the absolutely eccentrically dressed beautifully stunning Vivienne Westwood ❤
8)Describe your dream vacation
OK so on my bucket list is new Zealand to visit the beautiful backdrop of my favourite movies 🙂 Dream vacation though is somewhere with culture lots of great places to eat historical places to visit little boutiques and picturesque places to visit with my hubby
9)What are the goals for your blog?
Honestly I didn’t ever do this blog with goals in mind I know I say it alot but I honestly thought it’d be my mum&best friend that looked at my blog and that’s it I’m now a over 100 followers and honestly I feel so blessed so I guess that was my only goal to get 100 followers so thank you for helping me achieve that 🙂
10)I’d you had the chance to interview a celebrity who would it be?
OK ummm Colin morgan to make him fall madly in love with me whilst I listen to his sultry Irish accent??? Or actually Jk Rowling so I could personally thank her for giving us that place we call home Hogwarts ❤


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