Style catch up Day 26-31

I am sorry!! I’ve been so busy! Went out Friday for goodbye drinks for a colleague then Saturday was at my best friends cousins wedding then Sunday watched my uncle and 6,000 other cyclists complete the tour of Cambridge cycle ride an 80mile bike ride!! I got sunburnt so been recovering from that had a bad reaction to something meaning my eyes puffed up we’re short staffed at work and to top all that off I have a poorly big toe šŸ˜¦ But fear not I’m still smiling and here’s my 6day roundup of what I’ve been wearing for this challenge šŸ™‚ x


Day 26 This is my go to skirt because I love the print on it!! Now if your being picky I’m technically not mixing prints as they are both floral but come on cut me some slack!!
Skirt H&M
Top Soul cal
Necklace gifted


Day 27
So I reinvented my denim and then added denim thus reinventing my denim on denim šŸ™‚ this shirt was originally a dress from primark but I felt it was too short so I lopped off some length on the bottom hemmed it and added a pocket šŸ™‚
Top thrifted
Jeans Next
Shoes eBay


Day 28
I brought this dress on my travels in Texas last year its a vans dress and I love the tie dye effect at the bottom&the detailing at the top of the dress šŸ™‚
Dress Vans
Hat F&F
Shoes Primark
Necklace eBay


Day 29
Jeans eBay
Top F&F
Shoe eBay
Jacket Primark
I love dressing up distressed denim jeans it gives them a whole new twist šŸ™‚


Day 30
Jeans eBay
Top charity shop
Necklace charity shop
Sandals primark
Floral jeans make me happy!! I need to wear these more than I do!!


Day 31
Jumper primark
Jeans next
Shirt thrifted
Sandals primark
How cute is this jumper!!??? Its a fox on a jumper people!! Plus I love the colour šŸ™‚ x

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