Style challenge Day 25 💍💍💍💍


So I am the kind of person who buys tonnes of accessories….then never wears them 😢 so today’s pin really helped me to showcase some of the amazing rings I have picked up over the years!! I’m not great at layering jewelry as I feel I’ve got short fingers but here’s the best I could do x


Red flower ring is garnet my birthstone and was a gift from my folks
The two small gold rings were my mums that she passed to me x


Sapphire&diamond ring was given to me by my late great grandmother 🙂


Top green ring is a ring I picked up in Cornwall
Bottom green ring is from eBay


Heart ring primark
Bottom ring charity shop
Brown stone ring charity shop


Animal ring set primark


Silver leaf ring charity shop
diamond silver ring was a gift
Lord of the rings silver ring is from Cornwall
Gemstone ring again from Cornwall


Owl ring was a gift from my parents
Massive silver ring and black ring are both primark


2 thoughts on “Style challenge Day 25 💍💍💍💍

  1. Carol says:

    Love this, i adore OTT rings i always have to take a ring off before i leave the house and like you i have short fingers and it doesn’t stop me 🙂

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