Grunge ❤

90’s grunge is apparently making a comeback yay 👌im not going to pretend that I follow the trends faaaar too expensive and I’ve found that 9/10 times the trends do not suit me or my body shape I love fashion and all but I’m not about to wear something I’m not comfortable in purely to be seen as “in fashion”. However grunge fashion is something I can get on board with 🙂 so today’s look is inspired by that x





Made this choker myself 🙂 got a length of black ribbon measured not around my neck and allowed some extra to tie it up, I found this moon bead in my sewing trinket box and sewed it on with black thread voilà! X


These rings are a collection of vintage/thrifted rings and rings I’ve brought in Cornwall I love Cornish jewelry their silver jewelry is the best I’ve seen in the UK plus I love Cornwall anyways 👌❤

Denim dungaree dress was £1 from charity shop its originally Dorothy Perkins shirt was 99p from eBay x


Found this almost famous badge in my sewing box totally love it!


Have a great day guys x

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