Sassy Shorts ❤

So last Saturday me&mum visited our favourite charity shop that is sadly now closed 😦 they are hoping to find a new premises but are possibly going to down size so for the past few weekends they’ve been having everything £1 sales! I have managed to pick up some amazing pieces these past few weekends and the best part is all the money goes to charity!! This look is based on some shorts I brought last weekend, now when I first showed them to my mum she looked at me in slight surprise and shock….not because she didn’t think I’d be able to rock them but because she knows my feelings on wearing certain items of clothing!!! As I’ve previously discussed I was bullied at school for my features one of them being my kick ass curves mainly my curvy ass, I spent seriously hot summers in 3/4, lengths or jeans as I hated my knees my thighs my butt all because of these harsh comments from people I genuinely thought if I wore shorts or dresses people would stare and recoil in horror, but as I’ve got older I’ve realised my body is awesome my curves are envied by people and I can rock the hell outta shorts! So here’s my look I hope you like it x


Pleather shorts charity shop £1
Shirt primark £4
Tights primark £2
Hat F&F
Bag charity shop £1


Shoes F&F




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