Cw Day 13&14

So I haven’t posted for a few days and I will tell you why. I brought some new jeans the other day which I blogged about I hadn’t had time to try them on in the shop so brought them anyway as they said size 8 on the label. When I got them home and attempted to try them on however they didn’t fit I got them up to my knees and physically couldn’t pull them up any higher I suddenly felt awful about myself. Not because the idea of no longer being a size 8 is horrific ( I’m mostly quite confident in rocking the curves I’ve been blessed with) but because that number made me feel worthless, I blame the media a lot for these feelings I quite often get insecure and when I was a teenager I really struggled in embracing my figure(just ask my mum!) I would wear a hoody tied round my waist to try and hide my bum, any top had to cover my bottom and dresses had to hide my knees, I never wore shorts in summer and every dress I wore had to have tights or leggings underneath. Its taken years and I mean YEARS for me to be accepting of my body I still have off days these past few have been just that! The media are so quick to fat shame celebs that aren’t a size 4,6 or 8 and I think that’s truly damaging for young girls and in fact women. I’ve often thought that clothes shouldn’t have numbers on the labels a lot of my friends feel the same its awful that a number can make some one feel so bad about themselves! After all of this I had to return the jeans as they clearly didn’t fit and I didn’t want to have wasted Β£10 and as I handed over the jeans to the cashier I glanced the label inside…..size 6! They had been mislabeled on the outside!! All of that upset and hurt from a simple human error! Here are my looks from day 13&14 sorry if I look miserable! X




Grey jeans C&A
Polo top gifted



Black jeans Primark
Blue top primark
Cardigan gifted


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