CW Day 8

Today is Black,on Black on Black with a dash of colour thrown in!

Sundays are all about relaxed style for me, Jeans,Jumpers,Boots,Hats,Scarves,Coats. Lunch time walks followed by a roast dinner in the Pub,Afternoon Nap and a comforting dinner in front of a log fire snoozing through Sunday evening=Perfect!!


Love my Jelly Sandals ❤

Shoes Primark

Socks Newlook


Feel slightly Audrey Hepburnesque


Love the colour’s on this scarf they remind me of Autumn!


Scarf Charity Shop


Every girl should have a signature pose right? Well I’ve decided after looking back at recent posts that this is now going to be my signature pose!!

IMG_20150208_165630Can we just take a little time to appreciate how ringleted my hair has gone today!! If only it did this every day!! ❤



5 thoughts on “CW Day 8

    1. Thank you so much hun 🙂 i will complete this tomorrow so please dont think i haven’t done it! X i really love reading your blog so thank you for being supportive of mine means alot x 😘

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