The best day (and dress) of My Life <3





Well as promised here is the dress!!! The whole day i felt like a princess the dress was exactly what i wanted and a perfect fit. How did i find the dress and how much was it? Well luckily for me unlike most brides that have a meltdown and visit around 50 bridal shops before finding the dress i happened upon my mine purely by accident infact i wasn’t even shopping for a wedding dress on this particular occasion but as soon as i saw it i knew it was….THE ONE.

I was on a shopping trip with my mum we have a shopping trip every few months i love clothes shopping with my mum she always picks out amazing bargains and knows what i like and what suits me she also gives me an honest opinion on the outfits i try on and i trust her judgement completely. We went into one of our favorite shops that happened to have a bridal section, for a laugh i said why not have a look through the dresses….it was about the 5th dress in and i saw it initially from the back, i loved the detail of the bow and the buttons that aren’t actually buttons luckily it was a zip dress with hook fastening at the top, i was praying at this point that the front wasn’t hideous and thankfully it was just simple and elegant!! I thought ok…..why not try it on, the sizing label said S so i hoped my size 8 frame wasn’t going to be squashed or drowned and as soon as i put the dress on i knew that there wouldn’t be any more dresses that this dress was THE dress, My mum loved the dress i think there may have actually been a little tear! All that needed doing was a slight alteration to the shoulders to ensure the darts sat snugly across the chest area. I looked at my mum and started to giggle was i really about to buy my wedding dress? after only trying on this one dress? At this point i thought ok lets look at the price then…………….. now there was a slight stain on the front of the dress and on a few of the underskirts this was marked on the label and was only really visible if you knew it was there but i thought im sure i can get it cleaned. I took it to the till and the cashier told me that the lady who brought it in hadn’t even bothered to have it washed before giving it away and so with that revelation i was definitely sold! I got out….a  £20 note and was handed £1 change and my beautiful new wedding dress 🙂 That’s right it cost me £19 from scope charity shop….do i care??? NO!!! I had the alterations& the dress cleaned for £20 and brought some shoes from Tesco at £8 meaning my outfit came in at £47. I borrowed the tiara wore my mums old necklace a blue garter and brought a pretty cream underwear set from primark for £2.50. I think i looked pretty good in my thrifted charity shop dress.


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