A new start

So last year I started this blog and did nothing with it, I have subsequently deleted all the posts (all 4 that id bothered to do) to ensure a complete fresh start.

Back to last year I set myself a challenge for lent, I’m not particularly religious my religion is fashion! But i decided that for 40 days I wouldn’t buy anything new I would resist the urge to shop, doesn’t sound too bad to some but for me it was torture I am a shopaholic I browse shopping websites on a daily basis, eBay is heaven and the town center is my best friend!! Luckily I have very supportive friends with just as bad a habit as me that i can spend these shopping trips with. So i decided to use the abundance of outfits I already had in my over flowing wardrobe and drawers for 40 days to show that I didn’t actually NEED to shop and to give some of those poor unworn outfits a chance at the spot light.

I was actually successful in this venture and really enjoyed it so i have decided to resurrect this poor blog and some tired unworn outfits from my wardrobe after another stressful day spent trying to fit everything id just brought into my wardrobe I’m going to try to wear a new outfit everyday until i have worn every item in my wardrobe! Ive no idea how long this will take as i have MANY items but i thought it would be a fun challenge!! Now i am going to give myself some rules at least one item in the outfit has to be something unworn but i can keep some basics simple for example a new skirt with the same top as a few days ago but in general the rest of the outfit should be unworn previously. The only other rule i set myself…at least one accessory for each outfit, i have neglected my accessory collection abandoned headbands and necklaces stare at me on a daily basis brought on whim of love at first sight then added to the pile of unused because i dont feel as adventurous as i did at the shop!

I will explain my love of fashion and inspirations.

In Secondary school i wasn’t cool i tried to fit in with the fashions but when your parents can only afford Diadora trainers and 99p jogging bottoms its kinda hard to fit in. I tried all the styles, Gothic, skater, boho, vintage(basically wearing clothes my mum owned that were too big for me), smart ( i just wore school shirts and skirts without the tie), Preppy you name it i tried it and looked terrible i wasn’t comfortable in anything so spent the rest of my teenage years in the Gothic/emo category at least i could wear converse and hoodies it was comfortable yet i fitted in at last!! After i left school and got a job i found i had disposable income, if i walked into new look and liked a dress i could buy it! its where it all started being 19 having no bills to pay and 900 pound a month all to myself!!

Over the years my shoe and clothing collection has grown i don’t fit into a particular stereotype i buy what i know suits my style occasionally being brave enough to try a new trend for me this season its boxy shirts i usually wouldn’t go for something like this but i like the tucked into skinny jeans way i wear them.

I look for fashion inspiration everywhere i love looking at the outfits people have put together when out shopping so if ive ever stared at you im sorry i just dig your outfit 🙂 I dont just look at girls style i like to see how guys have paired things guys shirts and t-shirts are soooo comfy luckily my fiance has an amazing collection of t-shirts that i “borrow.”

I also look to tv and film for inspiration i always watch tv shows with a notepad beside me to note down outfit or item ideas, my main tv inspirations are Skins, SATC and Gossip Girl.

So there we go, my blog isn’t going to be perfectly structured i just write it how i think it in my head and honestly if no one looks at this its fine at least I know that Ive done it 🙂 so here goes.

Enjoy 🙂