Scrapbooking: How I make a layout

I have always enjoyed making scrapbooks, I have several full ones already! I thought that I would share with you the process of how I make a layout for my scrapbook, in today’s case I was inspired to create a Spring layout as fingers crossed Spring will be upon us soon!


Any time that I am reading a magazine I find images that I like and cut them out I then keep them in my scrapbook until I find a few images that I think will work well together.


I chose these images as I felt that they worked well together and summed up my theme of Spring.


I play around with the layout of the images thinking of different ways to place them so that they work together. This is the final layout, I like to leave plenty of space to add extra pieces such as quotes,stickers, doodles and captions.


Here is the finished page. I added some captions as to why I chose these particular images as usual with most things in my life it revolved around fashion as I LOVE fashion In spring I am hoping to carry on my new found love affair with trousers, I think trousers will be a really nice transitional piece. I also added a little quote piece with the lyrics to Drip Drip Drop Little April Showers as that sums Spring in England up perfectly and with the cold winter we’ve had I am betting that spring is going to be a washout!!

So there you have it my little scrap book.

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I’m a Sucker for…Part 2

Last week I shared with you some photos that I have collected over the years that I have taken of Sunsets and Sunrises. Today It is the turn of one of my favourite calming elements….Water. I am an earth sign rising in water I am very much into astrology, star signs, crystal healing and elemental signs. I feel truly grounded with my bare feet on the earth or in water. These photos are taken in various different places and depict very different bodies of water but all of them make me feel incredibly calm when looking back at them.


Next week I will be sharing with you some photos of something you may be surprised to learn that I love!

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Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day dear Readers,

A day to remind everyone in your life how much you love them. You either love valentines day and embrace it fully telling your family and friends how much you love them prancing about wearing red and love heart everything (Me) or you hate it.

So as a lover of Valentines Day not just because I am lucky enough to have someone to share it with but because I think its a lovely thing to have a whole day dedicated to love (true everyday is an opportunity to show love but still) I have created 3 different looks for this beautiful day I hope you like them 🙂


Outfit One Cute&Cosy-Perfect for a Girlie coffee date, bowling, cinema, outdoor picnic.


HeadBand-Primark (old) Jumper Charity Shop Shorts F&F Boots Primark Tights Primark(old)

Valentines Day 1

Outfit Two-Fun&Flirty-Perfect for A day out, Cocktails.


Headband as before Dress Primark (old) Tights as before Boots Charity shop Red socks Primark

Valentines Day 2

Outfit Three -Sexy&Sultry-Perfect for a Meal out, a city break, theater show.


Shirt&Bralet Primark(old) Skirt M&S Shoes Ebay

Valentines Day 3

There we have it my three very different looks for Valentines Day. Whether your single or loved up I hope you have a beautiful magical day I love you all. xx


My Valentine(even if she wasn’t happy about being picked up for a photo!!) xx

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When I was younger I wanted freckles, hair so long I could sit on it, rose red lips and jet black hair.

When I entered my teenage years I still wanted Freckles, a perfect ’emo’sweep fringe, jet black hair and rose red lips, I also wanted my nose pierced….BADLY.

I was never allowed to dye my hair black and I was only allowed to get my nose pierced if I got a tiny stud at the side ( ABSOLUTELY NO WAY was I allowed my Septum pierced)

Now that I am old enough to make these permanent changes to myself I find that I often just use make up and accessories to make the illusion seem real.

I guess every image we put online is some kind of Illusion no one really puts up the candid snapshots do they?

I thought that I would share with you today the power of make-up, the right accessories and what playing around with some photo apps can achieve. In a digital age with all of these things at our finger tips what is real and whats an illusion? Can we even tell anymore?


Nose Piercings&Freckles


Nose Piercings,Freckles&Big Hair


Nose Piercings&Freckles&Emo Fringe&Rose Red Lips


Rose Red Lips,Freckles,Emo Fringe&Nose piercings

So the four images above I created using make up, Hair spray and Fake clip on rings that I brought from EBAY (Side note:I now seriously want my nose pierced!!)

Now for the Photo Edits. I am all for a good filter and I love that make-up an accessories can change your appearance this was a fun way to spend my evening creating an alter ego almost this is the brave side of me that wears bold lipstick and gets her nose pierced! I am all for having fun and experimenting just make sure not to take it too far because all I used for these next photos is the preloaded photo editor on my laptop, there isn’t a HUGE difference but they have been manipulated and this is where problems start happening, I have had my personal photos taken before they have been used to set up fake Facebook profiles, fake Skype accounts, fake dating profiles some had just blatantly used my image as is and some had used apps to filter and flip my images which was creepier!! Its so easily done though!!

Illusion 1

Hair has changed colour, Skin has been smoothed and tanned.

Illusion 2

Hair is A LOT darker. Lips and eyes are darker,skin is smoother and darker

Illusuion 3

Subtle change, hair looks a slightly different colour and so do the lips

I just thought this would be a fun little post to do to highlight the power of make-up and accessories and to kind of give a heads up to some of my younger readers about how easy it is for images to be manipulated, I wish back in secondary school that I knew that the celebs in my magazines had been heavily airbrushed and that no matter how much I starved myself or how much makeup I threw on my face I was never going to look like them because even they didn’t look like that its all digital manipulation and I for one would like it to stop. This year I am really wanting to campaign about body image and self confidence and mental health being more recognised and taught in schools and I guess subconsciously that is why I did this post to start myself and you guys on this journey with me. So I have rambled on for long enough. Lets start taking action.



The Sunshine Blogger Award

Happy Sunday


Today I am bringing you the Sunshine blogger award the very lovely Claudia from New life Fresh you Blog nominated me for this award 🙂 So thank you Claudia you can check out her post here

The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to those who are creative, positive, and inspiring, while spreading sunshine to the blogging community.

The rules:

  • Thank the Blogger who nominated you in a blog post and link back to your blog.
  • Answer the 11 Questions The Blogger asked to your blog.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post or on your blog.

So here are the questions set by my nominator:

  • What would be your last meal on earth? Creamy Carbonara Followed by Lemon Meringue Pie
  • Do you believe in aliens? Why/Why not? I do indeed I believe in ghosts and spirits and aliens I just think the universe is WIDE and we can’t be the only life forms in it.
  •  Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Where I would like to be is still Happily married maybe a child or two and having lots of fun adventures!!
  •  Where are you from? A City called Peterborough Born and Raised.
  • What is one thing on your bucket list? Visit New Zealand. I am a HUGE Tolkien fan so to visit Where the LOTR and Hobbit movies were shot would be INSANE
  • If you won the lottery what would you do first? Take all my loved ones out for a fancy meal!
  • What song reminds you of your childhood? Why? Paradise City by Guns’n’Roses Because my dad would play this song for me every single day on the vinyl player or on cassette tape in the car whilst waiting for my mum to finish work.
  • How would you describe your fashion style? Charity shop Eclectic Chique 
  • What’s your favorite season? Why? Autumn. Where we live our main road leading to the culdisac is lined with trees and I just LOVE driving and walking past the changing colours of these trees, I love getting all my jumpers and boots out of storage, going pumpkin picking drinking warm cider and making apple pies!!
  • What’s your dream job? Fashion Designer or Wardrobe assistant on films/tv/west end stage
  • What did you want to be when you were a child? A teacher, I would line up my dolls and teddies and write on this little white board and read them stories teaching them everything I had learnt at school that day!

So that is that my loves I will not nominate anyone specifically instead….if you are the 2nd 5th 7th and 9th liker on this post you have to do it and….if your name begins with A. L, N or T you have to do this post too 🙂

I love these questions that I was set by Claudia so I think I would like to see your answers to the same questions too 😀

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I’m a sucker for…….

I am a true sucker for scenic picturesque pictures. I LOVE taking photos of scenery everywhere that I go but I RARELY share these photos with anyone on social media. So I thought I would create a little 4 part mini series in which I share with you these scenic photos just for fun so that I have them all together in a little collection and to just share the beauty that I see in these photos so today I am sharing my photos of……….Sunrises/Sunsets

I Love sunrises and sunsets, for me sunset is my favourite time of day, watching the lights change in the sky the colours are just spectacular. If I ever get the opportunity to capture a sunset or sunrise I do just because It fascinates me how beautifully it changes the sky!


*Sigh* see??? Stunning!!

So that was part 1 of this 4 part series… is a hint for part 2 It is an element that I find incredibly calming. Part 2 will be live on my blog next Thursday.

Don’t forget I post every Tuesday Thursday and Sunday at 8pm

I also have review blog posts on the last day of each month so look out for those too.

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Elemis Review

At 29 I started to get a proper skincare routine together. I have combination skin with large pores and I am prone to acne. I have tried many different face washes, tonnes of day and night creams, face masks, home remedies all in the quest for perfect clear skin!! I have found my holy grail face wash now in the form of Neutrogena’s Pink Grapefruit face wash. I have also found a great night cream from Dr Botanicals and I love the No7 Under eye serum. The day cream however has always been elusive! I love The No7 Day cream but I find that by Lunch time my skin is either drying out or becoming too oily. So when Glamour Beauty Club emailed me and asked if I wanted to try a new day cream that claimed to give me a fresh looking glow everyday I had to jump at the chance!

Disclaimer: I am part of the glamour beauty club I am sent emails to review products that they think I will like and I can then pick and choose which ones appeal to me. I have not been asked to review this product in a blog post so although I was sent this product for free this review is my own personal opinion on the product.

So I was sent the Elemis SuperFood Day Cream. The claim “This day cream with anti oxidant rich oils and vitamin rich superfoods feeds and replenishes the skin with vital hydrating nourishment for an outdoor fresh glow”

Blog post elemis 2

So when this product arrived I was really impressed with the size! For a sample you get a lot of product meaning I was able to trial it for a while week and I still have plenty of the product left! It smells amazing it smells very natural you can smell all the natural ingredients its not overly perfumed like some day creams. It’s a nice consistency and a little goes a long way with this product. It soaks into the skin immediately and doesn’t leave behind sticky or oily residue like some face creams I have tried. I found that this product lasted throughout the day my skin felt really good!

Now I have had a VERY stressful week! Work has taken its toll, this cold has reared its ugly head again, I also haven’t been a good girl in the slightest I had two takeaways a meal out and a fair few cocktails Plus I am due on at any moment so Stress Poor lifestyle and Hormones were set to wreak havoc on my skin….But Aside from one blemish that decided to rear its ugly head my skin doesn’t seem to be showing the effects of this week at all. I am going to use this product for another week and see if I still see the positive effects still, hopefully its not just a fluke and I will update you all through an Instagram story to talk through how I feel after 2 weeks with this product. I think though in the pictures below I can totally see a difference, my cheeks don’t look as puffy and red, my eye bags are kind of fading and I do think I look more FRESH.

See for yourselves.

Blog post elemis

So Left is my face before the cream and the right picture is my first ever application of the product not much difference on a one off application………..

Blog Post elemis 3

A week on however and I think you can see a difference as I say my cheeks don’t look as red or puffy and my under eye area looks less prominent also.

Don’t forget to follow my Instagram for my two weekly update!!

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