30 days wild challenge

Hello and a Happy Thursday to you all. This is a bit of a different post for me but its something I not only feel incredibly passionate about but its something that has helped me with my mental health and as it is mental health awareness week I thought it was the perfect time to talk about this πŸ™‚

The wildlife trust are doing a 30 days wild challenge throughout the month of June. It’s basically a challenge to get you to reconnect with wildlife and wild places in your surrounding area whether it be going for a daily lunch time walk, planting wildflower seeds (which they provide in your welcome pack) building a bug hotel or a hedgehog highway its all about reconnecting with our wildlife and appreciating what we have. They send you a welcome pack with a wall chart of ideas, some stickers and some wildflower seeds πŸ™‚

I will leave the sign up link below. I think this is a brilliant idea, I have found that being in nature has such a calming effect on me i love listening to the birds and insects seeing the trees and flowers sway in the breeze the smell of dew on the blades of grass the trickle of streams its just bliss!!

So I am going to be taking part in this throughout the month of June and would love for you guys to join me!! I will be posting everyday in June on my Instagram to update you all on what in the wild activity I have completed that day πŸ˜‰ Follow me here: @_Natalie_church_

Some ideas I’ve had are to create a little wild flower section in my garden, build a bird bath,make a bug hotel,look into bird houses,make sure I put out bird feed, look into volunteering at my local park, go for a walk everyday at a different time of day, bird spotting, breakfast dinner and tea outside one meal a day for a week. There are so many ways you can get out in nature and help our little wild friends out!!

Sign up here :http://action.wildlifetrusts.org/page/20877/petition/1

So who is with me?

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Style Challenge 2.0 Days 15-29

I have had so many obstacles with this post!! First of all it was meant to be 15-21 but plans got in the way so to stay on track and not bombard you with a long post i have done days 15-29 to start afresh next week!! Then I had taken my pictures using a new camera app I was so proud of the photos I had found great locations done cool layouts then the camera app did an update and…lost all my photos 😦 Luckily I had written down in one of my notebooks all the outfits that I have put together so far for this challenge and so yesterday (Sunday) I spent a good hour or so retaking photos so I am sorry they aren’t brilliant but needs must!! Then I turn on my laptop to write the post up and it does a half hour download of new updates GRRRR!! Anyways here are days 15-29!

Day 15 Try Tights&Shorts


Tights Primark, Shoes Shorts&Shirt Charity shops

Day 16 Reinvent your denim on denim


Gap denim shirt Charity shop Denim pinafore Primark Sandals Asos(Old)

Day 17 Layer something Unexpected


Shirt, Lace Cami&Skirt charity shops, tights primark, boots Dr Martens

Day 18 Wear a bright colour combo


Shirt George(Old) Skirt Ebay

Day 19 Try a boyish look


Trousers Primark, Shirt and shoes Charity shop

Day 20 Wear a bold print


Dress Boohoo(Old)

Day 21 Mix 2 or more prints


Tshirt C&A, trousers charity shop

Day 22 Keep it simple with skinnies and a sweater


Jumper Charity shop, Jeans Next

Day 23 Give a feminine dress some edge


Tshirt dress Gifted, Jacket Ebay Shoes charity shop tights primark

Day 24 Style Navy and Black together


Jeans Next, Jacket and shirt Charity shop shoes Dr Martens

Day 25 Create a Matchy look


Trousers F&F, Shirt charity shop shoes Dr Martens

Day 26 Change out your handbag: I had a cool shot for this but *sigh* it is lost this is my newest handbag that I have started to use πŸ™‚


Bag Radley outlet

Day 27 Focus on your jewelry I thought I would share with you this adorable necklace my parents found for me in Cornwall πŸ˜€


Necklace Gifted from cornwall

Day 28 Go monochrome in a bright colour (Ok not exactly a bright in your face colour but still!!)


Dress worn as a shirt Charity shop Skirt M&S Shoes charity shop

Day 29 Wear a colour you haven’t in a while. Found this blue and rainbow jacket that I hadn’t worn in ages so thought this would be PERFECT!!


Jeans Next, tshirt gifted from New york, Black hoodie H&M Blue jacket Ebay

*Sigh* I apologise that these photos seem rushed I hadn’t really planned to have to photograph and put together 15 outfits in one go stupid camera app 😦 Next weeks will be better I promise!! Look out for days 30-36 On Monday 21st πŸ™‚

Thursdays Blog post is going to be an exciting one!! So make sure your back here Thursday at 8pm in the mean time why not check out my social media or catch up on my first 14 days of outfit challenges πŸ™‚

Style Challenge 2.0 Days 1-7

Style Challenge 2.0 Days 8-14

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Loreal Sugar Scrub Review

So I signed up to test out the new Loreal Smooth Sugars Nourish Scrub. I was sent a 4ml sample to try out and below is my honest review.

What they say : Loreal have selected three fine sugars combined them with cocoa butter to exfoliate and instantly reveal bouncy, nourished and baby soft skin. Also use on the lips to smooth and refine lip line and improve the wear of lipstick.

Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Coconut oil and Cocoa grains.

The claim: Immediately- Skin is soft and smooth Use for one week- Skin is more comfortable and nourished Use after Use-Skin is revived with bounce and a baby soft touch.

So they advise to try this out 3 times a week to start seeing results, I had enough in this sample to use it three times and I could see results after the first try! So as it contains Cocoa it smells DIVINE it is super soft and really easy to use. I also used this on my lips as they have been feeling quite dry and they are now silky smooth too! I woke up the day after using this and honestly my blemishes had all but disappeared!Β  I then used it two days later and again my skin felt very soft and very clean. The third and last time I have used it ( My sample has sadly run out) It has again left my skin soft and clean feeling and my blemishes have faded. I will 100% be buying this as I think it is worth the money I will leave a link below for where you can buy it.

Again as usual I won’t get anything for you clicking on this link I am not being paid to write this review just trying to be helpful πŸ™‚ You guys seem to respond well to my reviews on products and I enjoy trying out new products and working with new companies so I will for the foreseable future carrying on with the review posts.


It is Β£9.99 for a 50ml tub a little 4 ml sample lasted me a week so it is definitely worth the money!

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Fashion Wishlist

Happy Thursday My lovelies Just a reminder that I will be uploading on Monday 7th Instead of Sunday as I am at Centre Parcs Fri,Sat,Sun and Monday I will then be uploading again on the Thursday 10th and then my new schedule of Monday and
Thursday uploads will begin I will be resuming my style challenge posts on Monday the 14th. Anyways on with tonight’s post I thought that I would share with you some items that I am currently adding to my fashion wish-list.

The JumpsuitIMG_20180503_194410~2

I have owned jumpsuits and playsuits in the past but never really felt confident in styling and wearing them I am however loving the Smart Jumpsuit for a night out with a pair of heels and a statement bag I think I need to try this trend back out in my Thirties and have seen some really nice jumpsuits in Primark that I have got my eye on!

The Colourful TrousersIMG_20180503_194530~2

If you are a Blog Regular you will know that I am LOVING trousers at the moment! I really want to start adding more colours to my trouser collection I think the brightest ones I own are my Dark green Warehouse trousers! Again I have seen some beautiful pastel coloured trousers in Primark but they haven’t yet had my size in stock 😦 I think paired with a simple t-shirt and some wedges this would be a nice simple summer night out outfit!

The Longline BlazerIMG_20180503_194658~2

I Love blazers and own some in different colours but they are all standard cut blazers. I really want to invest in a long line blazer as I think It is the perfect cover up for summer nights and looks really sexy paired with a mini skirt or shorts a simple tee and some wedge sandals. I haven’t found THE one yet I am still looking so if you have any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.

The Belted MacIMG_20180503_194733~2

Yes I already own a Mac I know this however I am looking to invest in the ‘Classic’ Mac as I just want to dress like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I wish I had more of an explanation such as its a practical coat to have its a good staple piece etc but no I just want to live out my Holly Golightly dreams.

Colourful KnitwearIMG_20180503_194817

I have far too many jumpers like the amount of jumpers that I have is bordering on obscene. However I just love knitwear!! I really want a wacky rainbow coloured jumper it would instantly jazz up ANY outfit and I know that I would live in it!! I also really like the chevron style print on the red jumper I think that’s a really fun little design and I want to find something like this for my Autumn/Winter wardrobe this year.

Floral DressesIMG_20180503_194852

Floral’s for Spring Groundbreaking. OK seriously who can say “Floral’s” without automatically launching into the iconic Miranda Preistly quote! I love dresses and when I did my latest wardrobe purge I found that a lot of my dresses no longer fit me so they had to be given away *moments silence for all the pretty dresses I will never see again* So I need to add more to my wardrobe and I just always find myself drawn to floral patterns!!

The mum JeansIMG_20180503_194929~2

I really want some highwasted distressed mum jeans they are the only denim that are missing from my collection at the moment I have straight leg, Skinny, Flared, Cropped, High-waisted but no distressed Mum Jeans Again I would appreciate some suggestions on where to buy good mum jeans from as I have A TONNE of Pins on my Pinterest board that feature mum jeans in OOTD’s and can’t wait to style some myself!!

And lastly ShoesIMG_20180503_195007~2

Leopard Print: I want Leopard Print boots and some Leopard Print court shoes for my collection again if you are a regular reader you will be aware that I LOVE and LIVE for leopard print!!

Ankle Strap Sandals: I have some ankle strap wedge heels that I wear all the time for nights out and girlie brunches but I want some actual Ankle Strap sandals as I think they just finish off an outfit perfectly and I then feel like I am wearing proper heels!

Sparkly Shoes: I started to re-watch skins and there is an outfit that Cassie wears its a gold dress blue socks and these adorable gold sparkly glitter shoes! I saw these star sandals and immediately thought of Cassie and now I want to buy all the glittery sparkly shoes!!!

That is what I am currently after like i say if you have any suggestions on where to find good jeans and long-line blazers I would very much appreciate it! What is on your wishlist?

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April Roundup&Review


I actually managed to read 4 books this month which I was really impressed with! First up was a short story called The Cave it was such an emotional book even though it was only 130 pages! It’s by Kate Mosse I really like her as an author I have read one of her books before and I have another 2 on my TBR pile.

Secondly was a book called Perfect Little World by Kevin Wilson. This book is so brilliant and interesting and thought provoking! It’s set in America a student becomes pregnant with her art teachers baby things happen and she ends up joining the infinite family project which is set up by doctors to asses whether a shared approach to bringing up children will work there are 10 babies and 10 families and alongside nurses and doctors and childcare practitioners they live and work together in this compound to bring up all 10 babies as their own. It is so good and I have already been to the library to find more books by Wilson as I really enjoyed his story telling!

Next I read another short story called Hidden by Barbara Taylor Bradford. This is essentially a short story about domestic abuse and how friendship real true friendship can bring you through the darkest of times.

The last book I read was another short story called A Very Distant Shore I have really liked reading short stories they are almost like little pallet cleansers after reading heavy long books. This story was so sweet I cried at the end and was actually disappointed that it was a short story as it just kind of ended and I wanted to know what happened to the characters after a particular event happens!

Films and Tv


Ready Player One.WOW. W O W!! This film was EPIC we went to the Imax in London to see this and when it finished we both turned to each other and said ” We HAVE to see that again” it was SO good. Without spoiling it it’s about a man who makes a VR computer world and when he dies he releases a video saying that he has hidden an easter egg in the game whoever finds the easter egg and collects the keys will get ownership over the world and so the race begins to find the easter eggs. It is just SO SO SO SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO GOOD!!!!

Daddy’s Home 2

This film was ok. I was actually a little disappointed as I loved Daddy’s home but this just feel flat, the jokes were predictable and it was just in a word Meh.


The Job Lot This came on Netflix its 3 series long and each series has 6 episodes the main cast are Sarah Hadland, Russel Tovey and Angela Curran they all work in the Job Centre and the public are just annoying and hilarious! This has so many cameos and I really enjoyed it I umm may have binge watched all 3 series in one day!

Derry Girls I didn’t watch this when it was on and it came onto catch up and I thought ok I will watch the first episode and see what it’s like and before I knew it I had watched the entire series!! I laughed so hard at every episode and I really hope there is a Series 2!!

Mr Selfridge Series 2 So I started watching Mr Selfridge and I liked it but then for whatever reason I didn’t finish the first series. Then last weekend I was at a loose end of what to watch and thought OK let’s finish series 1!! I then watched all of Series 2 on Sunday and have started series 3 I have become Obsessed!!

That’s April all wrapped up!!

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Style Challenge 2.0 Days 8-14

Well didn’t the weather change dramatically this week? I have decided that I will actually be posting these on a Monday instead of a Sunday, Sundays will no longer be upload days they are my off the grid off chill out no plan days from now on so I will be uploading on Mondays and Thursdays every week from now on πŸ™‚ Well….except next week when it will be Tuesday and Thursday as I am in Centre Parcs Friday-Monday any ways enough of the update….. Here are outfits 8-14

Day 8 Layer Something UnexpectedSC Day 822.04.18

Sunday was still hot so I decided to layer in a way that would keep me cool! I chose this chiffon material shirt from F&F and layered it over some shorts I brought in a charity shop and a Primark camisole. I then added my new Radley Handbag and Leopard Wedges to finish off the look.

Day 9 Try the High Fashion TuckSC day923.04.18 Monday it was SO cold today so i decided to layer up. When I looked on pinterest for some ideas about the ‘high fashion tuck’ there didn’t seem to be a huge difference to a regular tucked in look! I paired this green roll neck with a velour leopard print t-shirt both of which I brought at a charity shop with these green trousers from next and topped it off with a belt.

Day 10 Pull on Coloured/Printed tightsSCday1024.04.18 Tuesday. Another cold day so I was happy to be wearing tights! I have several different pairs that I could’ve worn for this pin but i chose my favourite glitter polka dot tights that i got as a birthday present, I paired them with some cut out detail boots and a cat print dress both of which came from charity shops.

Day 11 Wear Your Pj’s all daySCday11

25.04.18 Wednesday. Well if a pin tells you to wear your Pj’s all day it would be rude not to right? I had a chilled day wearing these fleecy Pj’s and super Cosy Slippers the Pj set and slippers are both from Primark

Day 12 Leave the details to your shoesScday12

26.04.18 Thursday. Bit of a different spin on what I was going to do, I was looking through my shoe collection to find a nice statement pair and found a few pairs that for whatever reason I don’t wear as often as I would like to so I have decided that the three pairs above I will try to style more into my spring/summer wardrobe this year! From L-R Bunny Shoes are Iron Fist, White Dr Martens and Black velvet sliders are Primark.

Day 13 Work a Classic Button DownSCday13

27.04.18 Friday. Your girl here doesn’t own any plain classic button downs mine are either striped or patterned so this is a little twist on the prompt! I chose this cute fox print shirt that is actually a PJ top that I brought from a charity shop and paired it with this knee length denim skirt and some red sandals again from charity shops. This outfit is giving me primary school teacher on a summers day vibes.

Day 14 Borrow from the boysSCday14

29.04.18 Saturday. I love borrowing Darren’s shirts! He takes a medium so they are nice and baggy on me so that I can tuck them into my jeans and wear them over-sized. This T-shirt is from DC and I paired it with my Next Jeans a Blazer and Brogues that I found in Charity shops.

Which outfit this week is your favourite? Mine has to be Saturdays comfy and casual.

Come back to my Blog tomorrow at 8pm for an extra post my April Roundup πŸ™‚

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Nomade Chloe Review

I got sent the new fragrance from Chloe called Nomade by the glamour beauty club to test out below is my honest review of the product.


I have already mentioned that I am particular when it comes to scents I tend to re-buy the same perfumes once I find one that I like. This one however promised to be one that I would like as its quite a musky scent.

Here is what Chloe says about their new fragrance: A perfume with intense character of oak moss, shrouded in the sweetness of cherry plum and the freshness of freesia. Chloe Nomade encapsulates the spirit of a woman open to the beauty of the world, who flourishes through her experiences and encounters.

I got sent a 1.2ml bottle of the perfume to try out which is really handy as it means I could try it out over several days and pop it in my handbag for touch-ups if necessary. I have to say the scent smelt really strong on me which I like, if your paying for a perfume you want to be able to smell it! It lasted really well I only reapplied the scent when I was heading out for the evening. It smells fresh yet masculine which I LOVE. The packaging looks really pretty and the pricing isn’t actually that bad. It is available to buy at John Lewis and I have left a link for you I don’t get any money for you clicking the link just trying to be helpful πŸ™‚ The 30 ml is Β£37.60 the 50ml is Β£56 and the 75ml is Β£65.60 which to be honest isn’t that bad considering how long my little sample has lasted a little of this goes a long way! You can find it hereΒ https://www.johnlewis.com/chloe-nomade-eau-de-parfum/p3409258

SO out of 5 stars I would give this 5 stars and when I have the money I will be buying this to add to my collection!

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