Hello loves so I just came into wordpress and I now have 400followers!!! WHAT!! THATS SO CRAZY I just want to say thank you so much to everyone who follows me and supports me I feel honoured!! So to celebrate this occasion I found some really fun questions to answer so my new followers get to know more about me and my old faithfuls get to know me a little better too πŸ™‚ so here goes

1. If you didn’t have to sleep what would you do with the extra time? I would socialise more I’d see friends and family and I’d have time to watch my Netflix watchlist that seems to be forever growing!

2. What would your perfect room look like? Bookshelves filled with books, pop vinyls,dvds and all the Lego sets I want. Big soft sofas and arm chairs an open fire and a huge TV!!

3 What fictional place would you most like to go? It’s a tie…Hogwarts obviously!! And the shire I think I’d suit hobbit life.

4 What job would you be terrible at? Anything to do with computers I’m rubbish with technology! Or cold calling I hate bothering people and I hate talking on the phone lol!

5 When was the last time you climbed a tree? Years ago 😦 I used to visit this place called hills and holes near my house where there were amazing trees to climb and id climb them and sit in them for hours chatting with my friend!!

6 Favourite piece of clothing you’ve owned/own? My wedding dress. Nothing will beat it to the top spot!

7 If you could turn any activity into an Olympic sport what would you have a chance at winning a medal for? Reading. Specifically reading a whole book in a day!!

8 What is the most annoying habit other people have? Chewing with their mouth open or chewing loudly!!!!!!

9 What job would you be really good at? Actress or wardrobe assistant or librarian 

10 What skill would you like to master? Portrait drawing and knitting! Oh and making a meringue from scratch

11 What would be the most amazing adventure to go on? Me hubby&Molly in a campervan traveling the world.

12 What songs have you completely memorised? Any Disney song, anything from the spice girls and All Saints pure sures.

13 What game or movie universe would you most like to live in? Tolkien’s world with elves and hobbits and dwarves!!

14 Are you usually early or late? Ummmm a bit of both if it’s somewhere new I’m early if I’ve been there before usually late!

15 What pets did you have growing up? I had two guinea pigs. I’ve had fish and I’ve had hamsters πŸ™‚

16 When people come to you for help what do they usually want help with? Advise and a sympathetic ear to listen.

17 What takes up too much of your time? My illness.

18 What are some small things that make your day better? My husband cat family and friends obviously. A good cup of tea. Putting my PJs and slippers on after a long day at work. Seeing things I’ve planted grow in my garden

19 Whose your go to band or artist when you’ve got nothing to listen to? Sterephonics Adele and Disney classics

20 What’s the best way to start the day? Caffeine! And knowing you’ve got nothing in particular to do knowing the day is yours.

21 What shows are you into? Game of thrones, bake off , apprentice, strictly come dancing, Doctor Foster and modern family

22 What TV show or movie do you refuse to watch? IT. I watched it once never again I hate clowns and any war film I hate war films. 

23 What would be your ideal weekend? Saturday walk to a farmer’s market pick up fresh supplies for brunch eat brunch in the garden go round to my families for a meal and drinks watch a good film Sunday walk to the shop get the Sunday papers meet up with friends for a walk have a Sunday roast at the local pub come home and have a lazy afternoon and evening 

24 What’s your claim to fame? I auditioned for a part in skins and was in the final 10 I met the writers of skins and met the people that subsequently got the part!!

25 What’s your favourite genre of book or movie? Book crime/thriller movie comedy

26 What have you recently formed an opinion about? Gender equality 

27 What’s the best single day on the calendar? 25th December

28 How do relax after a hard day at work? Get changed into my comfy clothes make a cuppa water the plants in the garden watch the chase eat tea and then read a book or watch YouTube videos

29 What was the best book or book series you’ve ever read? Series harry potter hands down singular book….ummm behind closed doors.

30 What’s the farthest you’ve ever been from home? Austin Texas

31 What’s the most annoying thing people always ask you? 2 questions. 1Are you ill again? 2. When are you having kids?

32 What’s your dream car? Mustang Shelby in blue 

33 What could you give a 40minute presentation on with no preparation? Aside from the obvious Harry potter&Disney films not alot!! Maybe talk about Lego dimensions!!!

34 If you were a dictator of a small island nation what crazy dictator stuff would you do? I’d do silly things like Fridays everyone has to wear odd socks or I’d ban things like cabbage and gherkins.

35 What’s worth spending more on to get the best? Shoes. I love me some primark bargains don’t get me wrong but shoes are something I definitely invest in.

36 What is something a tonne of people are obsessed with but you just don’t see the point of? Love island… Geordie shore…..orange is the new black….expensive makeup and green tea.

37 If all jobs had the same pay and hours what job would you like to do? Police officer, stunt double or actress 

38 What are you most looking forward to in the next 10 years? Hopefully becoming a parent. Visiting some amazing places with my hubby and watching two of my besties get married.

39 What quirks do you have? I have to eat food in even amounts. I wear socks with sandals. I often wear my t-shirts and dresses backwards.

40 Wherewould you spend all your time if you could? The library. The park near my house and Disneyland 

That’s it for now my love’s so again thank you for your continued support I love you all and I’m excited for the next few months content I’ve got planned!! Xx


Just do the damn thing!

Why yes that was a tad aggressive but seriously we all got to start living life and taking risks. Living life with a chronic illness means I have good days….and a tonne of bad days and those bad days can range from being able to put up with the pain and just get on to laying in bed physically unable to move because of this I’ve recently decided I need more than ever to make my days count…and so I vow here and now to just do the damn thing…I’m going to wear bright pink eyeshadow, I’m going to spend Β£50 on a pair of shoes one day and refuse to spend more than Β£5 on a different pair the next day, I’m going to wear my ‘for best’ clothes, I will clash prints, I’ll do the fashion don’ts,I’ll eat that extra slice of cake, I’ll go out on a Wednesday night until 1am even if I have work the next day in short I will just do it. I’ll just live my illness is just going to have to take a back seat for once!!


Favourite Films 1 πŸ“€πŸŽ₯πŸŽ¬πŸŽžπŸ“½πŸ“ΌπŸ“Ί

Yes I did use all the film related emoji’s πŸ™‚ 

So incase you aren’t aware I love autumn for a shed tonne of reasons…one of those reasons is that it becomes socially acceptable to stay in and watch TV on your PJs drinking hot chocolate and eating chocolate….not that I need a socially acceptable excuse I do that in spring and summer too!!! Anyways I thought that I would share with you my favourite films and TV shows. Not necessarily ones that I specifically watch just in autumn and winter the ones featured in part 1 are ones that I could watch day in day out and not get bored like I love these films and if you guys like this one I’ll do more throughout autumn with other films and TV shows I enjoy πŸ™‚ so let’s get on with it πŸ™‚

🎞Chef. I will never tire of this film the soundtrack the food the scenery it’s just such a feel good film!!

🎞Cuban Fury again the soundtrack the comedy actors and actresses in this film are brilliant Nick Frost and Olivia Colman are great in this!!

🎞Moana. I have watched this three times in a week. I do not regret this. I have downloaded the the soundtrack to Spotify to dance around to. Again I do not regret this.

🎞Beauty&the beast live action remake. Two words- Josh Gad. Weird crush love him adore him his interpretation of lefoue was just genius in this version Loved it.

🎞Mulan. In my top 5 Disney movies Mulan is just brilliant she’s bad ass aslnd as always I love a good soundtrack I will never get bored of this film shout-out to the sassy grandma in this film!

🎞 Hercules again in my top 5 I wanted to be meg like seriously wanted to be meg when I was younger haha not so much to get myself a Hercules I just thought she was sassy and beautiful haha!!

🎞Alice in wonderland Disney version not the weird ‘live’action version. Now although the live action version (first one) was alright I just love LOVE the original Disney version πŸ™‚ top film Favourite EVER

🎞 Aladdin. Concluding my top 5 Disney films is Aladdin Robin Williams voicing the genie is one of the best casting choices ever made I will always love this film!

🎞Ghost busters. I love the original 1985 version Bill Murray in that film is BAE 😍 but the 2016 reboot man I could watch that every day!! Kate McKinnon is just a dream 😍I love her I want to be her but also kind of want to marry her too lol!Also Any film with Melissa McCarthy in is sold to me lol!!

🎞 Priceless. I love Audrey tatou she’s just stunning and I love her as an actress Amelie is also another film that I love but this one I would watch again and again it’s french with English subtitles but it’s just so funny!!

🎞 White Chicks. Terry crews lip syncing to a thousand miles. I’m done that’s all I need to say for this film.

🎞The wedding ringer. Josh Gad+Kevin Hart=Hilarious!! The supporting cast are so funny too in this film I just it’s brilliant such a funny film to watch when your feeling down! 

🎞Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Audrey Hepburn is life. I aspire to be her I adore her she is the most graceful most kind most inspiring woman and I love all her films but BAT is the ultimate I love this film!!!

🎞Brave. I cry Evey Time at this film even though I know what’s going to happen but it’s just such a great film happily watch this week in week out!

And lastly….

🎞Trolls. Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake match made in heaven who knew?!?! I’ve watched this film far more times than I am happy to admit πŸ™‚ but it’s just it’s fab again soundtracks downloaded onto my phone for a good old sing along πŸ™‚ 

Any films you think I should watch? What’s your favourite? Have you seen any of the ones on this list? X

What’s in my bag updated x

Two posts in one day? I’m spoilling you I know ;p x I’ve seen alot of different what’s in my bag editions on YouTube and wordpress and thought as I was changing my handbag over why not do one myself so here you go πŸ™‚ x

On the left is all the crap I pulled out of my summer handbag that I brought for 99p from barnardos it’s originally from next and has served me well this summer πŸ™‚ BUT as it’s September aka start of autumn I’m going back to my faithful brown handbag that I’ve had for 2 years now I brought it in Monaco and it’s still my favourite handbag!! 

Purse is still my radley one that I was given as a Christmas present I do want to invest in a new purse but honestly I hate trying to find a decent purse! Shopping bags-yeps when they brought in the 5p carrier bag charge I thought I’d save myself money and buy some reusable bags and I do actually carry these everywhere with me which is SO handy!! The white one and the black one were Β£1 each the white one is primark and the black one is from b&m the pink one I got free with a superdrug purchase and the yellow one my nan gave me years ago. I then have house keys with various keyrings including a light,car keys,headphones,glasses case and my lucky charms.

Pencil case with coloured pencils pens ruler sharpener and eraser. Current read About a boy,Hogwarts notebook,wreck this journal,small notebook ideal for my meetings and training notes and my diary.

Cosmetics bag- tissues,sewing kit,face cream, mouthwash, perfume,hand sanitizer,immodium #ibslife, Ibuprofen,hair slides hair clip& bobbles,tampon&pad #irregularperiods always got to be prepared,comb,mirror,earrings,safety pins,assorted plasters,lip balm,lipstick and cotton buds.
That’s it all in my bag and ready for work tomorrow 😦 x

Recent Reads pt2Β 

Hello my loves I thought I’d do another recent reads post to let you guys know what I read in July&August πŸ™‚

July. I was bad in July I read one book…but that one book was SO Good!! It wasn’t particularly long but it was quite….. difficult to read. It was The One by John Marrs an author I hadn’t heard of before but I’m definitely up for reading more of his work because I really enjoyed this one! As usual I will give my honest non spoiler reviews πŸ™‚ so this book is about dating, new scientific research has shown that you share one specific gene with another person in the world and just you and this person have that same gene making them your apparent SOUL mate you send in your DNA and get your DNA match it follows a few couples and there is alot of drama and things that happen I feel that Marrs writes female characters really well and I always enjoy males that write female characters well the females end up being very interesting in this book!! Highly recommended 4/5 


 I read the 3rd installment in the Agatha Raisin collection The potted Gardner now if your a new follower or you haven’t read any of my book related posts you won’t know that I inherited the entire Agatha Raisin collection from my great auntie and I am slowly working my way through them. They are usually between 200-250 pages long so a nice quick read and I just absolutely love Agatha Raisin she is such a relatable character she was a high flyer in London now she’s retired early and moved to a little village where nothing exciting happens….until she arrives and then…people start getting murdered and old Agatha Raisin sticks her nose in and manages to solve the murders!! These are nice little Sunday afternoon reads something easily read in one sitting and I really love getting to know this adorable character more. 4/5

A study in scarlet by Arthur Conan Doyle. Hands up…I’m a Sherlock fan….I liked the films with Robert Downey Jr I am obsessed with the BBC adaptation with Benedict and Martin but…I’d never read the books!! So when I joined the library I thought….why not. I really didn’t like the writing style at all. I will not be continuing the series I just couldn’t get into the style of writing I found there were FAR too many ‘big’ words like I had to ask Google what a word meant in every sentence at least and I respect that these are ‘classic’ books reflective of their respective time period I just didn’t enjoy reading it. 1/5

The running girl by Simon mason. Again another author I hadn’t heard of and I picked this from the library purely from the front cover πŸ™‚ I am so glad i did because wow this book was SO Good. It’s a YA novel and I read it in a day because it was just too addictive I kept putting it down trying to get on with other things but I just had to keep reading!! It follows a boy whose got the highest IQ ever recorded in his school but he constantly bunks off and doesn’t get good grades he is bored and is fed up of getting high in the park with his mates he is waiting for something fun to happen….that night his ex girlfriend is pulled out of the lake dead she’s been murdered he then gets involved trying to solve the case he’s like Sherlock in his thinking and it just kept me gripped! Definitely if you haven’t read this already DO!! 5/5

And lastly I read Apple Tree Yard by Louise Doughty again another new author for me I picked this up in the library because the name rang a bell …..I realised when I got home that there had been a TV adaptation made that I’d wanted to watch and didn’t get round to and now I’m sad because I want to watch it!!! This book was great I read it over three days because it was quite hard going it’s not a sunshine happy rainbows book and I enjoy crime/thriller/suspense novels and I’ve read alot of them but an event occurs in this that really was quite shocking to read because it happens at a point in the book where you’ve got to know the main character you identify with her and then she is sexually attacked. The books was beautifully written which seems a weird sentence to use after that but it was handled very well and I have subsequently taken out 2 more of Louise doughtys books because I really rate her as an author so I would recommend this story yes because it’s very good just be warned if it’s not something you think you could read about. 4/5 

Magical 01.09.17 🏰🌌

You all should know by now that I’m a Harry Potter fanatic! So it’s September 1st which means back to Hogwarts so I had to dress up like a Hogwarts student for the day right?! See you all in the great hall for the sorting ceremony x 

Ravenclaw pride πŸ’™

Top 5 summer outfits β˜€β˜€

People, it’s the last day of august and that for me always signals the end of summer *sigh* no I couldn’t tell you why I think it’s because from September I go into my hibernation autumn/winter mode!!

Anyways I digress, I thought that I’d show you my most worn outfits of the summer I was actually really confident with my body this summer I got my legs out loads and purchased….4 pairs of shorts!!! I never wear shorts!!! But this summer that’s pretty much all I’ve worn!!

I’ve also done things a bit differently I decided to pick the ‘outtake’ photos the ones where my hairs not quite falling right or I’m pulling a weird pose or the clothes are bunched in weird places because Ive been reflecting on social media and the image people put across and honestly it’s helped my headspace alot to rember that people only put the snapshots they want you to see,life is so heavily edited these days you need to take a step back,breathe and re-evaluate what’s important to you and look after your mental health aswell as your physical health something I had been neglecting for a while, so yes here are my unedited unscripted pictures πŸ™‚

Outfit 1

These trousers! I love these and can’t wait to style them for autumn and winter too πŸ™‚ I paired hem with a simple t-shirt either black white or grey to compliment the colours in the trousers then wore my converse or white canvas trainers and added my denim jacket on colder days πŸ™‚

Outfit two

First pair of short these black ones from Tesco are so comfy!! I will again be wearing these in autumn and winter with tights πŸ™‚ I’ve paired them alot with this cute yellow white&grey highneck top that I brought in a chairty shop, because of the colours in the top I’ve been able to wear my white trainers, white sandals and gold sandals to switch up the look.

Outfit three

Feeling like I’m in top gun!! These shorts were a real charity shop bargain they fit beautifully and they go with so many colours!! My favourite to wear has been this dark green shirt I brought a few years ago in a charity shop. To dress the look up I added my nude wedge sandals from primark but dressed the look down with trainers or flip flops.

Outfit four

These green shirts are from boohoo and they are the shortest shorts I own they are so cute the paperback waist detail is just super nice and flatters your figure, I’ve paired them alot with this white shirt I brought in a charity shop I then added a splash of colour to this outfit with my leopard print wedge sandals

Outfit five

This dress is just a really fun dress to throw on when you want to look like you made an effort! It’s so comfy it flows really nice so it’s good for bloated days and the print does all the talking!! Again I’ve been pairing it with my trusty denim jacket for colder days and added my faithful ASOS sandles to complete this look.


No bullshit just me

Ok settle in this might be a long one. Last week I drew out a pretty little quote and arranged it with some objects to make a nice little picture to accompany a post saying that I was taking a break to clear out my headspace. Within a few moments I’d posted that photo on here my blog Instagram my personal Instagram and my Facebook….and then I sat waiting to see who if anyone would ‘like’ or comment on those posts….. completely defeating the object of the bloody post!!! Why?? Because it’s become a compulsion an addiction it has taken over my fucking life. I wm constantly looking at bloggers and YouTube’s and Instagram and thinking that post only got 6 likes I need a better picture let me set out this photo for Instagram that would look really good, let me go to this place as that will bear good blog post let me photograph this for Instagram let me record this for my blog etc etc etc. I suffer from depressive episodes a wonderful side effect of my illness and it’s hard. It’s something I hide because I’m ashamed because I hate admitting that I need help because I hate admitting that my head is full because what do I really have to complain about?? That’s my worry that’s what I think people will say. As much as social media has helped more people become aware of mental health and recognising it as a real problem it’s also a bloody hard place to be!!!! So this post isn’t for me to get likes or comments or anything like that this post is the real I’m taking a break post the one I should have posted and followed up last week!!! I’m going off of all social media I don’t know how long for maybe forever maybe a week maybe a month. I’ll be back on my blog (hopefully) soon as I really have found that this is my safe place I’ve got some amazing followers and I love you all for your support and I just hope you’ll still be here when I get back!! I just need to fallback in love with myself and live my life in the moment for the memories not the Instagram worthy photo it will make!!! Love you all so very much xxxxx

Charity Haul πŸ›

I went shopping. Again. I brought alot of things!! So let’s see what I got shall we?!? There’s also at the end a few recent purchases that I haven’t shown you πŸ™‚

Age UK 

Horn necklace 99p owl ring 49p

Jumper Β£3.49 this was in the men’s section and is originally from next

Pin badges: green starbug is from eBay Β£2 Dobby&Luna are from the studio tour Β£6each Alice is from Disneyland Paris Β£5 and the bird and cat were from age UK for 49p each


British heart Foundation had a sale on and I found this really cute print t-shirt for 99p originally 1.99

Cancer Research

Olive green box fit top Β£2 originally topshop black lace corset style camisole Β£1 and black white and grey check skirt Β£2 

Barnardos store

They had a sale rail in the store so of course I went straight for that!! Brown stripe t-shirt 99p was 2.49 pale blue Victorian style shirt 99p was 3.99 maroon cardigan 99p was 2.99 stripe shirt dress 99p was 3.49

Barnardos outlet

The outlet store had some big bins filled with shoes clothes and bags so I did some digging and found these beauties! Green leopard print velvet top 1.49 white owl t-shirt (his face cracks me up) 99p black high neck lace top 99p brown boots 99p maroon dress 99p


I found Catlin Moran how to be a woman in scope for Β£1.25 and thirteen reasons why in the salvation army for 50p πŸ™‚

I brought some slippers a t-shirt plimsolls and a short for Darren in primark so in total today’s spend was…….. Β£34.60!!!

Sue Ryder at eye

On Wednesday after my hair appointment we went to eye and I brought these black cut out boots for Β£5 this black dog print knot front shirt for Β£3 and this green shirt for Β£3 


Orange black and white stripe trousers Β£8 and black shorts Β£10

Which items your favourite??